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a bad ass chick. fun, funny, shy at times, just an overall awesome person
OMG czarina is such a funny chick!
by GreyBones December 07, 2010
1. name for a female figurehead or political figure, derived from Russian.
2. Russian princess.
3. name for any deserving female diva.
4. nickname given to any girls named Catherine. (note spelling of Catherine.
1. Catherine the Great was a czarina of Russia.
2. Wow, she's quite the czarina.
3. "Hi, I'm Catherine; my friends call me 'czarina'."
by Catherine T. April 21, 2006
An amazing hot girl who is funny And amazing she one of those girls that's the one and everyone likes her
Czarina = hot
by Thebeastman November 14, 2013
A butt face who is a big whore and grinds on guys. She is a backstabbing girl who has boy problems. She thinks she's all that, but she really is an UGLY unkind girl.
ew, look at that czarina! I would NEVER want to be friends with her.
by cutiepapooty March 09, 2009
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