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Acronym: Cut your balls off

Used as a retaliation.
In a chat dialogue:

BMC: Hey, I like munging.
Me: Go and cybo
by Trent009 September 18, 2007
Cybo is Independent artist born and raised in Brooklyn. As she describes “living in the city I am exposed to so much diversity/chaos/beauty/forms of expression..."

Cybo's electronic project began in 2004. She began experimenting by meshing her piano, guitar playing and pulsating vocals with distorted electronic drum beats and thick layered ambient pads. Her music gives off a sense of diversity/chaos/beauty/form of expression. Taking it even further and beyond the surreal ambient atmosphere already conveyed through her music, cybo has created a new style that consists of a melodic ghostly type sound accompanied with hard filled gritty beats, overdriven guitar sounds and layered vocals breaching from afar. Taking subconscious thoughts and creating a visual of effects.
Ambient, Cybo
by n pa productions July 03, 2009
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