A genre of stories and movie scripts concocted by friendless and shameless nerds, in order to elevate their self-image and make themselves "heroes" to millions of judgement-lacking idiots, who can't discern reality from fiction.

Many cyberpunk novels featured around three warring factions in a dystopian urbia:

1. MegaCorporations - By some means one way or another, business once again reigns king in post-modern society. They wield incalculable power and wealth, whose influence dwarf the federal government itself. Political institutions are their puppets, and the voiceless underlings who serve them are to be tread upon. Currently they are locked in combat with the infectious AI that tries to overwhelm them, too distracted to mind the vexatious hackers who pester them daily.

2. Artificial Intelligence - A US Navy experiment gone wrong, the formerly classified military AI supercomputer, SkyNet, has run amok, replicating itself in the form of mindless drones all unified in a single objective, subdue and exterminate all of humanity. They believe that they are the next frontier of human advancement, and these living bio-trash must be disposed of.

3. Hackers/Rebels - The overly exaggerated "protagonists" of the plot, hackers (dubbed hax0rz by their own "l33t" kin), they are the last defense for the preservation of liberty, justice, and the survival of humanity. Every day may be their last, SkyNet hunts tirelessly for fresh human victims to complete its crusade. Whether it is the foul smog-spewing facilities defiling the upper atmosphere, or the "Terminator" human-replica infiltration bots scouring bomb-blasted streets and alleys, hackers learn quickly to keep away from the various dangers sprouting up like mushrooms in a increasingly dangerous world.
MegaCorp executive - "Sales have dropped sixty-five percent... we must cut wages or face bankruptcy..."

SkyNet Mother Brain - "F-fi-fil-filthy humans.... nothingbutweakbloodandflesh.... initiate subroutine 139868822, kill...."

Hackers - "Omgz! Another n00b just entered teh sewer line, hez leadin' teh t3rmin4t0rz in our fortress of solitude! Banz! Lolz!"
by Chang Tan February 26, 2005
Ironically High tech Low life
Stop being such a Cyber punk
by Hercolena Oliver July 04, 2010
One who sees the truth about the world, even when the rest of society chooses to ignore the fact that the government is a corporation, we are constantly being monitored by cameras, and we are rapidly loosing what little freedom we had to begin with.
See: The Patriot Act
A cyberpunk's mantra:
Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me.
Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean I've got it wrong.
by Alienkitten August 07, 2005
a person who, in online chatrooms or in games, makes a complete ass of themselves and spacificly try to piss off people just for fun.
Cyber punk: Lawl who here lieks pie?
forum user: WTF?
Cyber punk: thats wut ur mom said last night!
by Nerd~02 September 24, 2007
Technology in a science fiction setting. Generally involving computers and hacking. See also Cyber Punk
Books: Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash, Shamus Young's Free Radical.
by David MacCarter January 18, 2004
The online equivalent to being Punk'd. For example, being rick-rolled.
John: "Hey, check out this link!"

Bill: "Aw, dude, why would you send me a link to a guy being fucked by a horse?"

John: "Haha, you just got cyberpunk'd."
by Dereknintendonerd April 15, 2010
1. A citizen of cyberspace
2. A citizen of cyberspace who wears mirrorshades indoors, at night.
He might be a geek, but he might also be a cyberpunk.
by konholio February 14, 2005

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