a ridiculous way to masturbate/finger yourself and most importantly waste time because you are desperate and cant get any girls/guys
Girl: im taking my clothes off now, and now im reaching in my pants

Guy: wow all these words are turning me on...i feel so loved....
by Sergio April 05, 2005
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A synonym for cool. Used when something is new and pretty great.
Wow Sophie that Scarf is so cyber!
That dance crew has really cyber moves!
by oliviacyber April 27, 2015
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Internet role-playing, also known as "cyber sex"

Usually curious tweens/teens, people can't get a girlfriend/boyfriend in real life, or 50+ pedophile/child molesters engage in this activity.

You can find people who want to "cyber" in chat rooms, and sometimes through IM or other social networking site.
(You can get banned for initiating this behavior in some sites.)

It's basically self-masturbation while sitting at your computer.

Cyber + Chatrooms = No Life
lonelygurl: hey, wanna cyber?
lonelyboi: sure!

lonelyboi: *enters you*
lonelygurl: *moans*

Later that day...
Lonelygurl: I lost my virginity virtually last night!
by jessisayswhat? June 25, 2009
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Online sex, mostly used by immatture preteens wanting some off the internet. Or a fat fuck old shitty old man... looking for kids to shuve their dick up.
Oh baby take my panties off, with your teeth plz baby plz!
by ChinyDink July 08, 2004
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There are two definitions for this word.

1. To have sex using roleplay.
2. To have webcam sex.
Man: Hey baby...wanna cyber?
Lady: Ooh yeah baby! *Takes her clothes off*

Lady: Wanna cyber bigboy?
Man: Yeah, I just got my webcam. Let me strip my clothes and take pictures.
Lady: Ooh yeah!

by Crazyiness November 11, 2005
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A shortened term for cyber sex. It is the act of describing sexual actions they are or want to take on the participants via the internet. This usually takes place in chatrooms. Most of the people who engage in 'cybering' are either preteens who can't get a real boy/girlfriend or men over the age of 40 who like to rape little kids but don't want to go to prison so they do it via online. Most of the older men lie and say their ASL is 16/F/California. So beware.

In conclusion, cybering is for lonely losers... *cough cough*
-in Yahoo! Chats-

Horny Adolescent: hey babe. asl?
Old Man: 16/F/CA. u?
Horny Adolescent: 17/M/FL
Old Man: oooh. u make me soo horny
Horny Adolescent: wanna cyber?
Old Man: k. u go first
Horny Adolescent: -sticks c*** in ur p****-
Old Man: oh yes!!!111 that feels so gooood
by Pretty Pornstar June 16, 2009
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1.To have online sex
2.to cyber
3.Have cybered
I was on the computer cybering with a random girl or man
by jojo213456 May 31, 2007
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