When two lonely users engage in a sexual roleplay on via IM, MSN, Yahoo, etc using webcam, or microphone because somehow words turn them on.
*Cyber*Kate: *rubs Justin's cock* (since I can't shift) Justin: *puts cock in her pussy*
by Miku326 November 22, 2010
Kinda boring. Easier to get a girlfriend.
Get a girlfriend. Its not that hard. If your really desperate there are plenty of fat chicks. Cybering is just cheap and its probably some 12 year old on the other end.
by Techar December 20, 2005
sex over the computer
mostly done by:
lonely losers who pretend to be joe jonas then a 17 year old boy named nate and then a 13 year old boy and 13 year old girl named lindsey then a girl named kathryn and then a girl named whatever her name is its like amanda or leora
13 year old girl: uh..okay.
by <3Hayden June 17, 2009
Having to do with the internet or computers or technology, you know... that kind of stuff.
I have a cyber dog on my computer!
by Clarrissa Langley April 27, 2004
A stupid thing that people do(people including:ugly guyz,nerds,fat asses,ppl who cant get anything that is real!)over the interent with a male or female that could actually be lieing about the whole thing and faking it which most r,while the other is jacking off to the computer screen and using sounds like"ooooooohhhhhhhhh" "rriiighhhht tthhhherrreee,ooohhh you gottt it!" etc.
Gerald:man I cybered with this girl last night...we did it all night long *snort*
Michael:That is so radical ddue *snort snort*!
by wouldn't you like to kno :-) December 01, 2004
Cybers are a group of people who usually listen to Hard House, Hard Bounce, Hard trance, Hardcore, Hard Style, and other styles of Hard Dance, they dress in very Bright colours often UV and other sharply contrasting, Fluffy leg warmers and Beads are often synonymous with the style as is UV face and body paints often in a style called cyber dots where dots of the paint complete a pattern generally but not exclusively around the eyes. They are generally a very open and friendly and non judgemental, it is a scene based on love and hedonism but only providing that hedonism does not come at the expense of others, recreational drug use is often associated to Cybers, particularly ecstasy, speed and ketamine.

Cybers often tend to have a dislike of the commercial and the related chav scenes particually the ‘beer boy’ type clubbers who’s idea of a good night is to drink until they are sick and then try to start fights, Cybers tend to deliberately avoid clubs like this or go to clubs that open at odd times (for example going clubbing 5am Sunday morning)

Cyber Goths & Cyber Emo’s are often people befriended by Cybers who fall for the scene but retain certain aspects of the scenes they came from, Cybers often joke that they taught the Goths & Emo’s who come to the scene that they can be individual and in touch with there emotions but at the same time cheer up & enjoy life.
by Andy Gibbs June 12, 2007
havin cyber is not 4 loners who cant get a bf/gf!! it's when you put in stars the things you are doin, normaly of a sexual nature
amy: lets have cyber
will: ok
amy: *hugs and kisses*
will: *kisses bak on ure neck*
by amyhannah14 March 12, 2006

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