1. a way for couples that are seperated by countries, states, cities, or even rooms to engage in sexual activity when they can't do it like normal people

2. something for literate people to jack off to
1. "Man, I miss my boyfriend so much, we're gonna cyber tonight and get off!"

2. Your words, they touch me so much I'm gonna cyber.
by lilmissbrassplayer June 15, 2008
A word used in movies in the 90's that was used simply t make their movie cooler and up to date, along with "information superhighway" and "Net".
I'm going to cyber-connect to the Information Super Highway Net! Using only my keyboard, never touching the mouse, and a browser that has none of the standard buttons such as back, forward, and even an address bar!
by Majora sono Yokoshima July 30, 2004
Internet role-playing, also known as "cyber sex"

Usually curious tweens/teens, people can't get a girlfriend/boyfriend in real life, or 50+ pedophile/child molesters engage in this activity.

You can find people who want to "cyber" in chat rooms, and sometimes through IM or other social networking site.
(You can get banned for initiating this behavior in some sites.)

It's basically self-masturbation while sitting at your computer.

Cyber + Chatrooms = No Life
lonelygurl: hey, wanna cyber?
lonelyboi: sure!

lonelyboi: *enters you*
lonelygurl: *moans*

Later that day...
Lonelygurl: I lost my virginity virtually last night!
by jessisayswhat? June 25, 2009
Usually two people who find it hot to talk about stuff they seen in a porno video they seen. Cybering can be used to scam people if you are clever enough (scamming people on wow by taking advantage of their lonliness to scam him for every drop of gold).
#1: Wanna cyber?
#2: Bet your ass I do!
#1: *I remove my panties and start fingering myself*
#2: *I start to suck on your nipples*

10-30min later

#1: That was great.
#2: Ya it was. Here's some gold my love!
#1: I love you :)
by rebornMCW July 10, 2006
1.To have online sex
2.to cyber
3.Have cybered
I was on the computer cybering with a random girl or man
by jojo213456 May 31, 2007
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