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A person who will act openly sexual on the internet, yet in real life will act prudent and contained.
She sent me some hot pics last night, but won't do shit in real life; she is such a cyber slut.
by jmmmmu July 09, 2006
A woman who uses the internet to seduce many men.
"Use a rubber when you fuck those cyber sluts"
by rararajaj October 23, 2003
cyberslut: a woman who lives vicarously through the internet craving fufillment and human contact. Often ugly, with low self-esteem and stunted social skills.
i luvmichael is a fucking cyberslut.
by naz man November 27, 2003
A man or women who is a slut but not just a regular slut. A cyber slut. She like to cyber with multiple people durring the same day.
Man 1Damn, She is such a cyber slut.
man 2?????
man 1She cybered with me earlier. And now she want's to cyber with you.
man 2Oh. What a cyber slut.
man 3Damnit. I cybered with her earlier too.
by sara nicole August 11, 2007
A person who goes on omegle and shows their bodies and asks for personal info, as a normal pefophile would do. They usually are shy at school, and act like a little bitch to get attention.
That women over there is a cyber slut, because I saw what she posted on snapchat.
by Cyber slut May 13, 2016
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