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4 definitions by 12kcolg

See ya: Email or letter ending salutation

Yo Bob,

Howzit go'n.

Cya, Pete

by 12kcolg September 18, 2008
Who The Hell Gives A Flying Fuck Anyway. WTHGAFFA is pronounced "With Gafa". Used in texting or on-line chat.
by 12kcolg November 14, 2009
Military acronym for "Find A Cloud, Fart Around and Call it Instrument Time." Pronounced 'fack-fa-sit'.
The first half of our training flight covered stalls, spins, timed assents & descents, the second half of the flight was FACFACIT.
by 12kcolg September 18, 2008
Anal Cranial Inversion: One's head lodged firmly up into their rectum.
Don't ask for her advice, she's got ACI
by 12kcolg September 18, 2008