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Anyone who plays beer pong with their elbow beyond the table's edge
"Look at that cwren, he should just buy himself a shirt w/ the word elbows on the back."

"Even though he's cwrening, he still can't hit a cup."
by JizzleStuckInYourTeeth April 13, 2009
Anyone who goes to halo tournaments or watches them on the internet.
"You know he's a cwren when he buys his 50."

"That clown down the hall that wears a hat two sizes two big, he's such a cwren."

"Dude, I just cwrened on Chris' chest. He's such a testicle stomper."
by JizzleInYourPanties April 13, 2009
That cwren was so large it clogged the toilet

Dude, I gotta go take a 12 pound cwren

Chris is a big pile of cwren
by JizzleInMyPants April 05, 2009