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7 definitions by Fergus

n. See "Twunt" Derogatory term used when describing someone of a political nature.
"I can't believe that cwat Tony Blair has wasted all our money on immigrant twunts"
by Fergus January 01, 2004
bits of dried shit left on a womens muff after she hasnt wiped her arse
you fanny truffle
by fergus February 01, 2004
An amazing, intellegent sword character. His swords will reap anyone on the face of Dereth. One hundred percent worthy of perfection, he masters in the degree of game-showing
Scotty the Handy Man's presence was enough to turn my frown upside down.
by Fergus June 19, 2004
Wide selection of meats.
Menty meats you have
by Fergus January 29, 2004
0mg wataf.

A poor misinterpreted male that feeds on nightmares and eats children. Ovens are very handy when it comes to dueling a Chumba Wumba.

Chumba Wumbas are very easy to kill. Just push the power button and it falls over...dead.
Chumba Wumba looked at me the other day...and now I smell like panckaes and roadkill.
by Fergus June 19, 2004
A spear-creatin obcessed with the many uses of spears and magical bodily juices. Resistance against this nocturnal vegetarian is futile.
Pyro Elf showed me his spear and made me whimper.
by Fergus June 19, 2004
Many of, as in 10:1. Exageration of 'many'.
There is so menty
by Fergus January 29, 2004