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Cuzz is mainly used by indiginous, abbo's/aboriginals in australia short for cousin, or used by australians when doing a black impersonation
This is a australian meaning for cuzz becuase shit-all of us dont even know what a crip is
EH , mah cuzz pass me dat condom
fuk u cuzz, its mai turn to drive the commodore
by 14351351435135135151 December 28, 2008
a term Crips call eachother
"aye what it C like Cuzz"
by Crazy Mo May 29, 2003
1. Word Crips call eachother

2. Word that you call a friend or cousin (not nessicarily a crip member)

3. Word you use instead of because or cause.
1. Crip: Yo watup cuzz?

2. Non Gangmember: What's up cuzz?

3. I left cuz I had to go to football practice.
by some polak November 22, 2004
probly tha term used most by Crips. what they call each other.
Crip-"What up cuzz."
Other Crip-"what up loc."
Blood-"what up blood."
by 64impala April 10, 2008
what one would call a crip
"What up cuzz"
by 36fuckin5 March 27, 2003
What one crip says to another crip.

Whats really good wit cha cuzz?

not shit C you kno chillin smokin n drinkin cuzz
by D. Holt November 22, 2006
Short for Cuzzin, coming from the word buzz, replaced B to show a sign of disrespect to the bloods by it's crip use. Never to be spoked with a K like above for associating C and K would be a 'crab killers' as an ultimate disrespect to it's use and termoligy.
Fukc slobk bkitches cuzz.
by Ahmose July 27, 2003