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one of your hommies, your boys.
(originated in concord, cali)
See those 4 guys ova der? Dose r my cutz, one fuck up and ur dead!
by gilligan yadidimeen? September 18, 2005
penetration of the female anus and vagina simultaneously with all four fingers and using the thumb as a clitoris tickler. similar to the shocker but with all four fingers.
yo dude, I totally gave Miranda cutz last night and picked her up like a bowling ball
by seppe14 September 01, 2009
1. A nickname for an Emo Kid

2. When talking about "Deep cutz" your really into whatever your discussing.

3. Bad english
1. Guy 1: "Hey cutz you emo"
Cutz: "*moan* i want to kill myself *sad face*"

2. "Wow you've got deep cutz for indie rock"

3. Badenglish "I cutz my armz it hurted..."
Normalality "What???"
by Jimmmy.James February 21, 2009
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