Waste of time,

Could be much better spent Wacking Off
"Cutting is for the birds"

'Let's just beat it instead =D.'
by LemmeUseTheNameJeff February 21, 2007
Emo definition:

to cut thy self with a razor or other various sharp object such as...a knife, razor, safty pin, steak knife..ect. Which depending on how deep or wide you cut produces a flow or just a little bit of blood. some people called emos (not all of them) do this act. it usually results in a scar.
Used in a sentence:

Dillan likes cutting wood.

Andria enjoys cutting.

The action of what emo's and Tara Moss does when they find out their cat/dog died.. and cannot be used in these palces..
>In Bed
>During Classes
> During Urination
> On Msn/Myspace
> While Constepated
> Talking to Ur In-laws
> Having Intercorse
and> masterbating
"Hey Mum, i do say your lookin quiet well from when we last spoke... I have being cutting lately... i think the weather is fine"
by Money Honey August 13, 2007
scratching on turntables for entertainment purposes
When I`m cutting in the club cuddies get hyphy
by cheyneskies September 14, 2005
when depressed people slit their wrists usually, or other parts of skin on their body to let the anger and depression out...sometimes leads to bleeding to death.
never cut yourself. ever.
by krazykat July 28, 2005
A selfish and self-destructive way to garner attention or release stress. Often turned to by people unwilling to make or incapable of normal human relationships. Most cutters will tell you that it helps with their problems, but it's mostly psychological. They expect it to help so, in their mind, it does. In my observations, however, it has only lead to increased problems down the road.
Cutting is a way to "deal" with your problems without actually solving them.
by Wayne Wright September 06, 2006
The act of jumping on the bandwagon and making incisions in one's skin. sometimes done out of self hatred or to relieve a tension, but primarily as a membership requirement of the emo lame-asses society. Cutting, the new cool.
"I like cutting. The blood looks so shiny and pretty!"
by johanna b April 20, 2006

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