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1 definition by Gettingoffmychest

Cutting is when a person uses any sharp object (such as a razor, or knife, anything really) to harm oneself, usually on the arms or wrists. However it goes so much deeper then that. My own experience with cutting was very complex, and confusing. I cut myself where no one would see, on my stomach and back.
Here is your handy guide to cutting, from a cutter.
Here are the things I thought at first:
1)I could do this, I could handle the pan/ it will make me stronger.
2)I felt good that I had a secret
3) it felt just so RIGHT.
Things I learned:
1) I suffer severe anxiety that someone will find out, and send me to therapy.
2) I can't go to the doctor, because the doctor will look at my stomach and see all my scars/ wounds. Think about it. What if you get sick?
3)I can't go swimming with friends. I used to love to do that.
I mean serious serous withdrawal like from a drug. I had panic attacks. In class. I silently sat there with my palms sweating, thinking i was gonna pass out
5) the fist time you have sex? How awkward will it be when he sees your scars.
you can break the cycle, and suffer withdrawal and let the scars fade, even though they will NEVER. go away. You start to live again. It was not a solution, it was the problem. You don't have to seek help, I never could, just know that you are STRONG enough to stop.
Razor: ============//___
Cutting: Sweet bliss
by Gettingoffmychest October 13, 2011