The dumbest t hing you could possible do to your body. Seriously. Just don't fucking do it. It's an addiction and it isn't fun.
And only retards would do this for attension.
Sally: I started cutting last night.
Billy: Do you want my attension? Cuz you're a retard.
by Fishnoodles October 31, 2014
Cutting is usually the result of when a person that has a problem, usually that problem is that they lost a person close to them, and often doesn't know what to do. So the easiest thing for them to do is grab a sharp object and find somewhere on there arm and just let out all that pain. Most may say that an "Emo kid" may do it to themselves. WELL THATS A LIE! I am a person that has lived through it and often times it felt really nice and every time I did it it was the best thing that i had ever felt. But I later learned that the reason why i did it was that i lost a person. That made me realize that with one wrong flick of my wrist I could be dead. But that is all that i want to do, is die. It may seem odd but true. Most of the time you will find that you have this same thought. Well not most but some. and trust me the term "The fist cut is the deepest" it is true. But sometimes when that blade hits your skin you cant think its like your body runs only to do that. and trust me it is like an addiction. kind of like herion to Nikki Sixx, it was hard for im to quit yet here he is sober for more then five years. so trust me you dont want to underestimate the ability of one cut
i cant think of any for cutting
by sexy chica 88 January 16, 2009
cutting or "cuttin" a term used when the wheather is cold and is "cuttin" into your skin.
"bruv it's nuff cuttin cuz"
"mans tingz nuff warmer in prison, ya get me?"
"innit bruv, innit"
by Auschwitz_For_Chavs May 19, 2005
A person, with an obsessive craze for tv sitcoms and dramas. e.g Heroes
Dude, that girl's acting like a total cutting.
by Mellish99 January 08, 2009
cutting is when somebody is either depressed or has no other way to relieve the pain so they use a sharp object of any kind but after words they become ashamed of it and try to hide it
girl1:hey how are you
Sadgirl:not so well
girl1:whats rong teddy bear
Sadgirl:my mom found me cutting on my arm and it made me do more cuts than last time
by thesadgirl December 06, 2006
Cutting is the natural action of placing a sharp object on the skin, pressing, down, and pulling it across. The goals are to draw blood, leave cool scars, or draw attention. Cutting releases endorphins and can give the body lots of pleasure. Sometimes it can even cause an orgasm. It is normally done by teenage girls with overprotective parents. The use of words such as emo or cutter directly to a cutter makes them miss their sharp objects and want to fuck up their wrists some more. Good sharp objects to use include: razor blades, box knives, kitchen knives, pocket knives, broken glass, scissors, or anything sharp that is easily accessable.
Johnny- I walked into my sister's room and she was breathing hard and hiding her arms. There were bloody tissues in her trash the next day also.
Billy- I'm concerned about her. She has probably been cutting and needs help.
by Sadie Slice October 18, 2009
To leave or to go some where else.

Safe, im cutting il see you later
by edake June 09, 2006

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