Slang term, sometimes degrading, for someone who voluntarily mutilates themselves through slicing, scratching, burning, slapping, biting, etc, because of extreme emotional distress.
Usually they have a mental illness, such as depression or anxiety.
They do NOT want attention or pity. It is a way to vent. It is impossible to fully understand until you start it yourself. There are people of all ages and all cliques and all of everything that injure themselves. It has nothing to do with being "emo" or "goth." It has nothing to do with trying to look "depressed" and it has nothing to do with attention.
Self-injury is addicting. Self-injury is a mode of relief. It's been proven people suffering from mental illnesses are less likely to commit suicide if they injure themselves.
Self-injury is a serious issue that should be delt with seriously. If you can't respect someone just because they injure themselves, you just need to pull your head out of your ass. Please, please, please be understanding and compassionate. It's a sensitive thing. If someone tells you they injure themselves PLEASE be very understanding and there for them. Don't demand them to stop, don't tell them they're stupid, don't ignore them or ditch them, that will make everything worse.
I have been scratching myself for as long as I can remember. I have social anxiety disorder/avoidant personality and clinical depression. I can't look people in the eye. I go mute when someone waves and says hello. I can't stand crowds. When I'm around people my mind goes blank or it rushes with scarring thoughts. I feel nauseous. Dizzy. Lightheaded. I tremble. I cry. I feel cold and hot and virtigo and everything seems so loud and bright and I scream in my head for it all to stop. I feel like I'm dying and going insane at the same time, slowly and painfully. I get panic attacks. There is no way I can stand this. I scratch at my face, my uglyugly acne on my forehead and back. And then I scratch my theighs. There is no route for help, and I've searched. There is no one I can talk to who would understand. I dissect everything I do, no matter how silly it is, I can't let anything go. And I hate myself. I hate my anxiety. And the hard part is, is that it is a personality disorder. It's part of who I AM. I don't just have social anxiety, I AM social anxiety. It hurts. It won't stop or go away. The part of me that can't be changed. I've always been like this. When I was two I refused to talk for two years. In kindergarten I was so unused to social situations, I cried over anything and everything, it scarred me for life. I couldn't help it. I was pathetic. I still am. So I injured myself long before I even knew it was all abnormal. And when I did know it was too late, I was too addicted, I...I'm not really a cutter, but I do injure myself.
#self injury #cutting #depression #anxiety #venting #emotional stress #mental illness
by screenaging September 13, 2007
People who deal with emotional loss/pain differently than you.
NOT someone who wants to commit suicide or wants to die.
Cutting has nothing to do with being emo.

Cutters are ussually judged too quickly.
One that cuts themselves or harms themselves in any way. Usaully to express emotion pain. "NORMALY" cutters will hide their scars as well as possible. There are some who cut simply for attention and disply their scars. NOT ALL CUTTERS THAT DONT HIDE THEIR SCARS ARE ATTENTION CUTTERS. Some cutters beleive that cuting is their escape and they shouldnt have to hide it. If you know someone cuts, dont nag that person to stop or taunt them. This will lead to more self injury.
Brad- "Did you see his arms?"
Tony- "Yeah I did."
Brad- "He's a cutter."
Tony- "I wonder why."
Brad- "Dude, everyone picks on him."
Tony- "Poor dude."
#cuting #cutting #cutter #self harm #self injury #emo
by Josh_am February 14, 2007
A person, most commonly a girl in their teens, who has been through so much in their lives that crying (or sometimes they just can't cry)or any other form of emotional release becomes inefficient, therefore they resort to self-injury (aka self-mutilation, self-harm), but not intended to be a form of suicide. Self-injury is usually a sign of a serious mental disorder such as depression or bipolar, and caused from traumatic events such as death, sexual or verbal abuse, or low self-esteem.

Usually, proof of this behavior is well-hidden by wearing long sleeves and pants. Most self-injurers do not advertise their injuries. There is a such thing as 'attention cutters', or people who injure themselves just so others will feel sorry for them. Attention cutters usually purposely talk about their actions and make it seem almost like something they're proud of.

Cutters are often given the label of emo or goth, only because people are too ignorant to see that these people actually have pretty messed up lives. These stereotypes usually push these kids to want to hurt themselves more severely, thus those who have such narrow-minded views on cutters should shut their mouths and care about their own sorry lives.
"I hear she used to be a cutter, but since her family intervened, she's been to a counselor and is now on anti-depressants."

Stereotyped View: "Look at her over there, you can just tell she's a cutter because she has no friends and listens to emo music and wears black makeup."
#self-injury #self-mutilation #self-harm #emo #goth
by ximafake February 12, 2006
Okay, briefly, cutting is a coping mechanism, though not necessarily a good one. I do not condone the use of cutting to solve problems despite my own history with it. Mary of Nazareth your arm was inspiring, it the way mine would if I hadn't given my knife away.
Cutters do not often want attention and if you have a friend who does cut for attention, beat the shit out of them because it can become addictive. Medically cutting releases endorphins making a person feel better and certain cutters enjoy the sight (and personally taste) of their own blood. Cutters often cover up their cuts with anything from long sleeve shirts to shea butter to reduce scarring.

Cutters use, but are not limited to (don't underestimate a person's ingeniunitey when they need to satisfy a craving): razor blades, exacto knives, scissors, jack knifes, switch blades,.. saws of various types, and glass.

If you know someone who is a cutter, well don't follow any set advice, your friend may not be suicidal at all, in fact they likely aren't. For those of you who have addicted friends trying to quit, watch them closely because they usually have the incredibly strong urge to make extreme lacerations. Personally, as a cutter trying to quit my withdrawal often leads me to wanting to use suicide grade cuts.

Cutters are not all emo fuck ups, we're normal people too, and some of the nicer ones at that.
I gave my knife away to a friend leaving me with 9 exacto knife blades, a few saws and an array of kitchen knives with which I may cut myself. Cutters use cutting as an escape mechanism
#cutter #cutting #cutters #suicide #blood
by Scarred and Addicted April 22, 2007
a cutter is generally a person that has problems and has no other way of expressing it other then cutting themselves. not only on the arms but on the legs, shoulders, stomaches, for girls, breast area, and anywhere else they can possibly think of. although some people do cut for the attention of others, those people do not try to cover what they have done because they want people to notice that they are "troubled". real cutters cover what they have done because it is their way of dealing with the problem/problems they have.
my uncle died in april. my dad started to get abusive. my parents got a speration. i started cutting. because getting high, smoking and drinking did nothing to me anymore. after awhile niether did cutting i didnt feel anything. my mom found my razor in my secert place i went to the hospital and rehab i dont do it anymore. but i was once a cutter.
#cutting #cut #cutters #2006 #pain #emotion
by sdjiejrjadaslkjd July 31, 2006
Someone who finds relief through self-harm. No matter what anyone says, cutting is not normal or in any way healthy. It is self destructive and addictive.
There are many different reasons people cut.

Bob- I'm a cutter. My father is dead and my mother is an alcoholic. My friends are rarely around to talk. I feel alone and trapped in my own life. Cutting helps me feel like a human and not the ghost I usually feel like. I cut all the time.

Amy: I cut for drugs. I read an article about it, the guy got drugs for depression. I took it up and now I'm on anti-depressants. I need them to feel like myself. I cut all over my arms, so they will keep sending me to the shrink.

Samantha: My parents are supportive of me, my friends care about me. I'm happy most of the time. I don't cut all the time just when I get really upset. When I get upset, I feel like I have all this pressure bottled up. Cutting helps me let go of it. No one knows about it, I don't cut my arms, just my legs. I wouldn't dream of telling anyone.

Megan: This girl at my school got caught doing it. Now everyone is always checking on her, asking her how she's doing. I wish people would care about me like that. I started cutting my hands, maybe people will care now.

Johnny- Everything I do is a mistake. I always say the wrong things. I never keep promises to myself. I fail at almost everything I try. I over analyze everything, then I obsess about it. I cut to punish myself for my flaws.

As you can see people cut for many reasons. Some people cut because they have problems and some people cut for attention. Either way its not alright. If you feel you need to cut to get people to notice your its just as bad as cutting for any other reason. Please try and talk to someone.
#cut #cutting #self-harm #twloha #depression
by Music_Note_93 March 09, 2008
someone who cuts to releve pain, weather it be from torment at school, their sexuality or any other thing that can cause social, and mental pain. people who cut are just normal people, or at least some of them. some want to be gothic, or punk, but most are normal, walk around in normal cloths, and try to cover up the scars. attention cutters will walk around with scars uncovered, bleeding etc. etc.
im a cutter, but not an attention cutter, i walk around in a pair of jeans a tee shirt, and a jacket. if u got problems with it take it up with managment, GOD
#cut #cutter #pain #goth #emo
by shinigami_the_god_of_death October 21, 2006
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