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a cutter is generally a person that has problems and has no other way of expressing it other then cutting themselves. not only on the arms but on the legs, shoulders, stomaches, for girls, breast area, and anywhere else they can possibly think of. although some people do cut for the attention of others, those people do not try to cover what they have done because they want people to notice that they are "troubled". real cutters cover what they have done because it is their way of dealing with the problem/problems they have.
my uncle died in april. my dad started to get abusive. my parents got a speration. i started cutting. because getting high, smoking and drinking did nothing to me anymore. after awhile niether did cutting i didnt feel anything. my mom found my razor in my secert place i went to the hospital and rehab i dont do it anymore. but i was once a cutter.
by sdjiejrjadaslkjd July 31, 2006
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