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(adj.) The perfect combination of cute and beautiful. Only applied to those who have these qualities in excess.
The blonde I met was hella cute and dressed to impress; she definitely has cutiful status.
by The Notorious ABG June 19, 2005
I thought my boyfriend made this word up to describe me, but I guess its been done before! It is the physical state of being both adorably cute and very beautiful at the same time. Mainly used to describe girls, but could be used for both sexes.
You're so pretty, and adorable, I don't know what to call you. I know! You're cutiful!
by Gabbyzilla April 05, 2006
A cutie beauty you instantly dug who's got booty
she was geeorgyously cutiful
by ISSER November 13, 2010
pronounced cute-afull, meaning cute and beautiful
Random Dude: Hey baby, your looking cutiful
You: *giggles* so are you
by xXv0guishXx June 25, 2009
A term to describe a very pretty emo girl.
"Wow Prudence, you look absolutely cutiful in those black strapped boots and fishnet stockings!"
by Alepoop March 31, 2012
Dylan and I thought of this just to show much we feel about each other. Its a mix of cute and beautiful
You're so cutiful and i love you!!!
by Lizzi es guapa December 21, 2005
Better than cute, but not quite beautiful. Used mostly to describe the female race, not intended for males.
My girlfriend, Monica, is cutiful.
by m45t3r September 21, 2006