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hahah! spelled with an "i". the best friend a girl could have. always a good time with her. a pretty and slim, tall girl with a great personality. shes always there for you if you need her. shell make sure you arent sad.
dude 1: see that girl? shes so great!

dude 2: shes a melodi isnt she?
by xXv0guishXx June 19, 2009
pronounced cute-afull, meaning cute and beautiful
Random Dude: Hey baby, your looking cutiful
You: *giggles* so are you
by xXv0guishXx June 25, 2009
the best guy friend anyone could ever have. smart, talented, great body, hawt and most of all sweet. hes the type of person you would go to the end of the earth for. never a dull moment when you are around him. he always makes you laugh!
girl 1: see that guy over there?
girl 2: yeah, the one with the nice abs? hes such a glover
by xXv0guishXx June 19, 2009
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