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someone who is super duper cute and makes you want to use stupid-sounding phrases to describe them because you just can't handle their cuteness
That John sure is cutesicle!
by xosanrio March 27, 2007
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Someone who is so cute you have an uncontrolled urge to lick them like a popsicle.
Look at the cutesicle over there, I could eat him up on a hot summer day.
by Lauren Poppins September 20, 2014
Someone who is so cute you just want to lick their face like a popsicle.

Cute babe.
OMG! that chick is such a cutesicle, you should ask for her number.

Hanging out with my cutesicle.
by fabulouslalala November 11, 2014
Something that someone is a box of; an excessively attractive and cute person, usually male.
Mr. Andre Derrien is a box of cutesicles.
by DKrams May 17, 2010
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