by blaze it up May 19, 2005
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usually a statement a girl would make to her significant other, to hold-out on sex.
guy: "Hey babe, let's go cut sometin!"

girl: "You stupid-ass mofo, you still cut off from the shit you pulled last week around yo' boys!
by Noliaboy00 June 05, 2005
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an emo still duel between two emo persons in whiched both engage in cutting their own wrists.
Zack was so emo, i challenged that fool to a cut-off
by Jakov September 21, 2006
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to cut someone off is too stop selling them whatever drug.
(In my experience its particular to heroin,.. It doesn't matter much if your bud dealer stops replying, only a drug you can be strung out on & get sick without.)
Junky.) "Andrew's been acting hella outta pocket lately. He caught an attitude because I wouldn't give him a handout."
Junky 2.) "He begged me for a dub the other day!! Sad to be such a bum you have to beg for a DUB."
Junky 1.) "Shame its got like this. He's lost since getting cut off."
Dealer .) "Come without calling again & you're cut off."
Dealer 1.) "Since I heard he tried getting at your girl I cut his ass off too."
Dealer 2.) "Damn G you didn't have to do that. I appreciate you though. Thats love. Fuck him."
Dealer 1.) "Don't even trip man. It was straight SCUM shit & you're my boy... I'd do it again."
by mongo69 February 27, 2017
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