adjective ( -er , -est )

ORIGIN : Scissors, scissor action, sexual act engaged by lesbians, lesbian.
Guy 1: Melanie's hot, should I get in with her?
Guy 2: Dude, Melanie's super cut, she's not gonna pay attention to you.
by Him Almighty June 16, 2011
1) Another word for circumsized penis.

2) Somebody who is so buff that you see that their skin looks almost as if its cut.
Do females love cut or uncut penises?

Dude that guy is hella cut, i want to be cut like him too.
by cuto August 31, 2010
Definition of a circumsized penis
Rick - I'm 5".. not cut.. you?

Jamie - *blushing* I'm 6" and cut

Rick - OMG, you have a cut cock? Cute.. lemme see
by Mr. Merge June 30, 2005
To stop talking to some one for a period of time;To ignore; Not communicate with
Jane: joe is so rude
Kerry: I don't know why you keep talking to him
Jane: you're right he's cut
by LolaM June 26, 2014
Amazingly awesome. Fantastic.
Sunny days are the cuts!

Our summer holiday was the cuts!

That band was the cuts!

That dress is totally cuts!
by roadie2013 January 08, 2013
affected by alcohol to the extent of losing control of one’s faculties or behaviour.
I am cut!
by a1m1w June 22, 2012
A commonly used abbreviation, generally over text messages, for see you then. Replacing see with "c" and you with "u"
Jane: Meet outside in 10 minutes?

John: Sure, c.u.t.!
by abbrevgirl October 20, 2009
To Leave
You Cut Yesterday Night
by g-boy11 June 05, 2011

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