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small pieces of colored sugar or candy that are scattered over the surface of ice cream, cakes, or cookies as a decoration. Pittsburghese
"Can i have jimmies on my cupcake ma?"
by DeAndre December 01, 2005
a loop of thin rubber that is wrapped around objects to hold them together. Pittsburghese
"I have gumbands on my wrist to represent tha struggle."
by DeAndre December 01, 2005
How Pittsburghers ask, "Did you eat yet?"
The proper response would be, "Nodju?" ("No, did you?")
Person 1: "Its 12:00, Jeetjet?"
Person 2: "Nodju?"
by DeAndre December 02, 2005
any type of causal shoe usually consisting of rubber soles and a leather upper.
"I saw those tennis shoes at Footlocker."
by DeAndre December 01, 2005
a backless foam-rubber sandal with a V-shaped strap secured between the toes and at the sides of the foot
"Many people wear flip flops at the beach."
by DeAndre December 01, 2005
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