Short for customs.
"Nigga is you crazy? You aint makin it through custies with a suitcase full of blow"

"Man.. I just got popped tryin to smuggle some dope through custies"
by wza August 06, 2005
short for customers in the service industry. particularly those viewed with disdain by servers.
"i wish these custies would back the fuck off."

"If I get one more order for another latte, I'm gonna pop a cap in a custies ass"
by youjustgotblackberried January 17, 2009
Touring band, parking lot scene term derived from the phrase "Custody Kid" in the 1990's. As opposed to many of the tour-followers, the custy's trip following a band on tour was funded by their parent's money. Custy's were usually only called-out by the touring vendors who could only made it to the next show by peddling their wares in the parking lots surrounding the venues TO the custy. This added to the confusion over the meaning of the word. Slowly, "custy" was understood as a shortened term for "customer."
He sold some boomers to this custy and he pulled out a checkbook from his shiny new Land Rover with hooper stickers all over it.
by benv May 26, 2010
for those that dont know, its hippy-lingo for customer...And unless you grow your own food, make your own clothes, drive a car that runs on your own excretia, and MAKE YOUR OWN POSTERS on homemade machinery, it seems that WE are all "custys"
Jimmy is a Custy
by Trey Anastasio August 08, 2003
prey of wookies
without a daily supply of custys the wookie would surely starve to death
by sudoniim March 03, 2010
Young kid who ruins the scene by seeking street cred. He gathers this by taking credit for others actions or claims to know everyone of value. Often provides links to other people's work and acts as though he has done it himself.
You see that kid Tyler over there, he is a custy. Claims to be friends with (so and so artist).
by yousuckdude August 08, 2010
A person who acts cool at one point and turns the next day someone who you think will never rip you off then days to years later you find out he did rip you off the person you think you can count on and they ditch you

copy and paste
Dude why is he so custy because his dad hates him.
by A another custy person November 09, 2010

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