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a valuptuous and sexy hot body
Damn shawdy, u got one curvaceous ass. I mean u got curves like "Whoa"
by DaNumbaOneStunnaFotyFo March 21, 2003
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having a well formed female figure
That girl is so curvaceous and stacked.
by The Return of Light Joker January 28, 2008
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the way that every girl and woman is supposed to be. They usually weigh between 115 and 175 lbs., depending on the heighth. They can be curvaceous without being fat, as with the weights listed above. Besides there is NOTHING wrong with a girl having extra weight, because it can make them look even better.
Real women have curves; anyone who says otherwise is a damn liar.
by The Midwestrn Soldier January 29, 2005
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Just the way I like my girls (just like millions of other guys do as well.) Usually a girl like this is not skinny, and she can be described as having "dimensions". A curvaceous female typically has those little back rolls/love handles on lower edge of her back, broad hips, and often has a wide ass.
I love curvaceous girls......mmmmmmm
by A Hoosier April 18, 2005
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Having remarkly poontastic features, especially in the nose a butt region
Man, that girl, she is curvaceous
by Televizzle Shizzle Nizzler March 21, 2003
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A term fat women use to describe themselves.
"I am a fiery, curvaceous woman with a spicy attitude and a devilish sense of humor." - Some fat chick describing herself on eHarmony.
by KupaMan July 29, 2008
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People may try to say you have curves, but in reality, you are Fat.
boyfriend - you have an amazing, curvaceous body, i love you
girlfriend - i'm fat? wahh boo hoo.
by Tom Bon Jovi May 22, 2007
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