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a valuptuous and sexy hot body
Damn shawdy, u got one curvaceous ass. I mean u got curves like "Whoa"
by DaNumbaOneStunnaFotyFo March 21, 2003
doo rizzle is what you call the ballinist playa in da ghetto. it was originally invented by a man who was just makin his And 1 Mixtape. He was like, TAF!!! i need a name. how abizout doo rizzle. yea shawty
Hey doo rizzle, gimme da bizall so i can dizunk it in da hizoop shizawdy.
by DaNumbaOneStunnaFotyFo March 24, 2003
A crazy whore that likes to do nasty things in your intimate sessions with her. Their signature move is spreading melted chocolate all over your body and licking it off.
Wow, she is definitely a hershey girl. Shes a freak.
by DaNumbaOneStunnaFotyFo March 21, 2003
Now when I say multiball, i don't mean two. I mean like more than two. It is a man that has many balls. Sometimes it can be a birth defect, but sometimes they are surgically implanted. Cab also be used as an insulting verb. (often considered mean)
Taf you! You little multiball!

Why you always gotta be multiballin me dawg?
by DaNumbaOneStunnaFotyFo March 21, 2003
to rape (often considered vulgar)
Man, TAF YOU!!!!!
by DaNumbaOneStunnaFotyFo March 21, 2003

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