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I don't curr that you hurt yourself, keep playing.
by J November 02, 2003
1: When you are annoyed or angry and need something to say.

2: (used with dawn) When you just don't care about something: DAWN CURR.

3: A word you can call something that is similar to friend or anything of the sort. Hey curr!
-Hey curr!
-Dawn curr.
-CURRRR this is so hard!
by jojogroove September 21, 2012
The response you give when something happens.
Curr, the cops found my stash.
by Coodissman January 16, 2010
to sleep super tired, turn the lights out im about to curr super tired, ill probably be curred before the movie ends

dang its about to curr like steve
by D Baah April 14, 2010
To get with/have sexual relations with someone.
Rosie: 'Sophie, where's sarah?'
Sophie: 'Ohh I think she's upstairs curring Grant!'
by Lalal123 July 17, 2010
To not care. not giving a fuck
"I dont curr none!" or "i said i dont curr!" (redneck talk)(such as scurred) "im so scurred right now"
by HotBeef November 07, 2009
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