When your eating a girl out and you grab a banana and start banging her with it as if it was a dildo.
Sandy got real upset when she found out that it wasn't in fact a dildo, but that I had slipped her a "Curious George"...
by Alljoy brother January 18, 2011
Sticking the entirety of your head up a woman's vagina and loudly yelling "bring it."
I saw a lady walking her dog and we got to her place, I curious georged the bitch. It was a bit sloppy cause she was a german shepherd.
by s to the zee hao January 14, 2011
A person who implies they have a taste for Cannabis/Marijuana or is curious about partaking, but never actually follows through. Despite their curiosity, they don't get into 'trouble'.
I heard Matt wants to hit out circle tonight.
Yeah, but he's a Curious George. I wouldn't bet on him showing up.
by mellowfellow February 25, 2009
A person with authority over you (boss, teacher, parent, etc.) who repeats your name and asks you questions in which they already know the answer to make you seem inferior in intelligence and/or physical strength.
Bryan: ::unloading a truck::

Rose: "What are you doing?"

Bryan: "Unloading this truck."

Rose: "Why are you doing that?"

Bryan: "Because you told me to!?!?"

Rose: "Bryan...Bryan...Bryan..."

Rose: ::exits::

Random Co-worker: "Wow...that bitch sure is one Curious George!!!"
by SolesExodus December 12, 2008
When a guy picks up a hooker and takes her home only to find she has a penis, but still yet is curious what it would be like and follows through with his original plan, only slightly modified to fit the circumstances.
Dude i swear she wasn't a curious george, she just had a really deep voice.
by MattB#1 December 11, 2006
When a guy is peeing outside for instance in a bush or on a lawn, another guy jumps on his back becoming the Curious George persay.
Dude, that was a sick Curious George you pulled on Kevin last night. He just couldn't get yo off.
by LuveyJ June 01, 2007
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