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Something to stuff a twat with
1. Dave can be such a cuntwaffle

2. Got a cuntwaffle? I'm on the rag
by Tobi1K3nobi May 27, 2009
The state of being such a cunt, that you are a waffle too.
Shannon is a cuntwaffle!
by Josh August 17, 2003
Another way to say cunt, yet will piss off a girl even more.
Guy: you cunt waffle
Girl: wtf! im not only a cunt. im a cunt waffle.
by krack March 12, 2005
When a fat woman strips butt naked and forces your face into her cunt, she will then roll around like a waffle maker with your face in between her legs and the cellulite leaving a waffle pattern on your face.
I cant believe it, sheila just gave me a cunt waffle after i told her not to
by PUSHINUPDAISIES March 21, 2011
noun: Term used to describe a "special" kind of person that has reached such a level of annoyance that no other word seems to suffice; word used to describe the ultimate douche bag.
That cuntwaffle just backed into me.
by EmilyBinx July 10, 2014
A breakfast taco with a waffle shell filled with sausage.
Nothing is more filling than a cuntwaffle.
by utahanarchist September 30, 2014
The state of being such a cunt that you are become a bluewaffle. This can happen when a rather large woman sits on your face and you are given the mixer.
Miki: look at the guy over there
Midget: yeah what a cuntwaffle
by Raphhhhhhhhhhh July 10, 2014
someone who is not only a bitch, but also kind of a whore. generally characterized by (1)taking the last cig of a pack (2) taking the last swig of the vodka and/or (3) getting up on someone else's man and saying later that they were too drunk to stop.
"courtney is such a cunt waffle. i woke up this morning and all my cigarettes are gone. plus she slept with my boyfriend."
by magggggie December 17, 2007