(Australian slang) When a sexually deprived bloke who would not normally be interested in a particular woman takes on a sudden obsession with her after any form of sexual encounter, often as simple as catching a glimpse up her skirt.
Why is Joe trying to pants that troll?

He got the full view when she stacked it on the stairs and now he's cunt struck.
by Burettosan February 03, 2009
Top Definition
adjective. to be in a state of having an irrational and strong emotional and physical attraction to a woman.
He was so cuntstruck that he did not see how hideous she was.
by Taliesin January 07, 2005
Usually used by a third party to describe the unusual, changed behaviour of a friend who has fallen head-over-heels in love, and is celebrating that event with prodigious feats of erotic endurance. The third party is, by definition, jealous, and the protagonist is in unashamed and glorious celebration of his new-found partner in outrageous lust . . .
He's had his curtains closed all weekend; the shop hasn't opened - I reckon he's completely cuntstruck with that dirty bint from Machynlleth . . .
by NostradamusZen August 20, 2007
Adj. (Australian vulg.) A short term psychological condition where a male will willingly forego social opportunities with other males (watching sport, drinking etc.) in order to enjoy sexual relations with a new female lover.
Where's Harry? I thought he wouldn't miss this (sporting event) for the world!

Nah mate, it's not surprising, he's totally cunt struck. He hasn't left the house for a week. Her name's Briony. Nice tits.

No shit?

sexually infatuated with a woman
I was cunt-struck after seeing Thatcher on tv the other night.
by Dunky Oggins October 31, 2003
young male preoccupied with sex to the point of incapacitation
Buba was so cuntstruck,he forgot his office was on Pennsylvannia Ave!
by dh dundas September 22, 2003
when a guys completly obsessed with the chick he screwing. he follows her around like a lost puppy, and can't notice when she does something wrong.
the story of samson,
"oh no its my wog brothers and all thier lebo mates :o
and i accidentaly tied you to a weaving loom :("

he just couldn't see to get rid of her cause he was the biggest cunt struck retard around.
by charlie! September 14, 2007
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