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the mistaken belief that crimes committed against special interest groups (e.g. homosexuals, ethnic minorities etc) are somehow worse than the same crimes committed against anybody else, and therefore should be punished more severely. Another example of the insanity of political correctness.
I punched him in self-defence because he tried to molest me; now he's calling it a hate crime!
by Taliesin January 07, 2005
another term for a dyke or lesbian.
That large girl with the short hair and hairy legs looks like a rug muncher.
by Taliesin January 09, 2005
adjective. to be in a state of having an irrational and strong emotional and physical attraction to a woman.
He was so cuntstruck that he did not see how hideous she was.
by Taliesin January 07, 2005
A name you use for someone who you don't know their name but know it starts with M. Usually a blonde biatch who doesn't know left from right.
Hmm... That dumb person there? You know her name... Well I'll just name her Mezowatchi, cus her name starts with M but I don't know it.
by Taliesin May 30, 2004
a person who believes in and follows the doctrine of feminazism
Anyone who hates men as much as she does surely surely be a feminazi.
by Taliesin January 07, 2005
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