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The day after stubble from shaving around the snatch that often causes an unpleasant and annoying scratching feeling. Also can be used to describe someone who is irritating.
She got a cuntstache coming along, that filthy bitch.


Stop being such a fucking cuntstache!
by Rob Tek July 11, 2007
After giving oral sex to your girlfriend, wife, or mistress; one may have a 'cuntstache'. This is when the saliva or woman juice gets all over your chin and gives you a remarkably slimy goatee. This can in turn, lead to a rash or possibly herpes.
Peter: Hey dude, you met up with Linda last night?

Jimmy: Yeah man, i gave her oral...

Peter: Dude you have a rash..

Jimmy: Oh yeah, that's my cuntstache, i need to go to the doctors and check it out.
by RyanJWN November 20, 2013
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