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An obnoxious and totally undisciplined child.
"This woman at the next restaurant table was completely ignoring her kid as it threw dinner rolls at waiters and spilled its milk. I have no idea why she had the little cuntmuppet if she's just going to ignore it all the time."
by Arcane Rose February 26, 2008
A woman with an unusually loose vagina, so loose that you can fit your entire hand up in it in the manner of a puppet, or more popularly, a muppet.

"Jane is such a fucking cuntmuppet, I can't even feel the sides of her when i bang her"
by T.G January 28, 2007
1. someone who is woefully inept in every conceivable way.

2. a term of affection.
1. "I'm going to fucking kill you, you fucking cunt muppet."

2. "I love you, cunt muppet."
by Kunttray April 21, 2005

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