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Any object specifically designed for insertion into the vagina.
Julie had a wide variety of cuntlery with which she pleased her pussy on a daily basis.
by Jonnyguano September 20, 2005
Like the term "Tool" but for women.
"That bitch is such a piece of cuntlery."

Also, any form of item used by said cunt.
by UserName March 10, 2015
Excessively ridiculous metalware increasingly worn by new-age crusties in their body piercings.
You don't want to get into a fight with all that cuntlery hanging off your face.

Look at the cuntlery on that asshole.

Look at all those piercings; stupid cunt.
by Edinbud August 16, 2007
When you are going down on a women but you are a classy gentleman
Husband: Want me to go down on you?
Wife: Okay but use the good cuntlery that my mum got us for our wedding
by A.P P.H L.C J.B January 24, 2016
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