someone who is cunty or delightfully bitchy , but whose cuntiness or bithchiness is enjoyed, encouraged by others.
"Hey Tommy, you were so fucking Cuntilicious when you ragged" on that fat broad."
by beguile studio March 24, 2007
Top Definition
Contrary to popular opinion, this delightful term is used to describe food and/or drink items that are so good they remind you of sex.
"This spaghetti is cuntilicious."
by Blaq October 10, 2003
and adjective used to describe girls that are fuckable, eat outable, and/or hot.
"Damn she in cuntilicious, i wouldnt mind tappin that ass"
by A2K February 19, 2003
The art of having a tasty pussy.
Jill tastes very cuntilicious today thanks to her Summer's Eve wash and being off the rag.
by Melanie Hale August 11, 2006
This word can also be used to describe art that is inspired by the female vagina.
Georgia O'Keefe's paintings are cuntilicious.
by beautifulcheese May 29, 2004

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