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someone who is cunty or delightfully bitchy , but whose cuntiness or bithchiness is enjoyed, encouraged by others.
"Hey Tommy, you were so fucking Cuntilicious when you ragged" on that fat broad."
by beguile studio March 24, 2007
5 7
Contrary to popular opinion, this delightful term is used to describe food and/or drink items that are so good they remind you of sex.
"This spaghetti is cuntilicious."
by Blaq October 10, 2003
23 5
and adjective used to describe girls that are fuckable, eat outable, and/or hot.
"Damn she in cuntilicious, i wouldnt mind tappin that ass"
by A2K February 19, 2003
13 5
The art of having a tasty pussy.
Jill tastes very cuntilicious today thanks to her Summer's Eve wash and being off the rag.
by Melanie Hale August 11, 2006
13 6
This word can also be used to describe art that is inspired by the female vagina.
Georgia O'Keefe's paintings are cuntilicious.
by beautifulcheese May 29, 2004
1 10