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Offensive term used from one girl to another in a near fight situation, without making the speaker appear too trashy.
Come on cuntie, I'll fuckin' have ya!
by vunt July 16, 2003
A term of endearment, nickname
"Thats a lovely dress you have on, Cuntie"

"Cuntie come here for a minute"
by Sascha and Digweed October 12, 2005
acting in a cunt manner
Gee, Charlotte sure was acting cuntie today!
by Deez w. nutz June 10, 2005
A endearing term for the lil bitches in your life. Not quite a cunt, but worse than just a bitch.
Mary: God...he is being such a cuntie today

Kylie: Yeah fuck that lil cuntie
by MMMBop69 April 15, 2015
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