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5 definitions by vunt

An explosion of intestinal gas from the anus.
Oops, I did a windy pop!
by vunt July 17, 2003
27 6
Offensive term used from one girl to another in a near fight situation, without making the speaker appear too trashy.
Come on cuntie, I'll fuckin' have ya!
by vunt July 16, 2003
40 19
someone whose sole purpose is for your sexual gratification
I don't want a relationship with her; she's just a blow rag
by vunt July 16, 2003
12 2
an excited vagina
check out our cover girl's shiney giney
by vunt July 16, 2003
14 8
pet name for anus
I like to play with my dot
by vunt July 16, 2003
18 27