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a boy with a cunt, aka a female-to-male (FtM) transgender/transsexual who hasn't had bottom surgery (and in this case who looks like a boy instead of a man, like some FtMs do).
I really dig cuntboys. There's just something really hot about a boy with a cunt.
by Vic Silverpaw March 06, 2009
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A derogatory and fetishising word for a female-to-male transgender individual."
"Is that a boy or a girl?"

"I dont know, it's probably some shim or cuntboy or something."

".....Jim I think you need to leave."
by iriscando February 13, 2015
Similar to "fuqboi", a cuntboy is someone obbsessed with themselves, and vagina. They are also very annoying and their natural habitat is Xbox Live.
Look at that cuntboy, playing xbox and jerking off all day.
by meowplankton12 March 31, 2015
pretty much the biggest diss ever. synonymous with dick head and asshole only more derrogatory.
Can I have another cigarette man?

Fuck you cunt boy you already bummed 5 off of me today.
by MRR5000 March 26, 2007
when a chick has so small of boobs that when she takes her shirt off she looks like a boy
Is that a chick or a guy?" Bob asks Bill. Bill replies, "I don't know. Go ask it." Bill walks up to this particular flat chested person "Excuse me, are you male or female?" The person answered irritably, "A female of course! What did you think?" Bob replies, "Oh, so sorry. I just thought you had no boobs at all. You look like a cuntboy, but come to think of it you're just a cunt.
by Cloocookachu December 07, 2010
cuntboy noun one being so cuntish that is be to be know as cuntboy
peter: yo you get that dildo yet
Judus : hell no cuntboy
by deyon March 16, 2008

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