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A member of that newly-adult, me'er-than-me generation which expects attention and praise just for being themselves -- doing anything to deserve it is completely optional.
Oh, he's too much of special snowflake to get a day job -- his mom's paying the rent while he hangs out waiting for the perfect high-paying project to come along. I guess the market for C-minus filmmaking majors is a little soft right now or something.
by Bathsheba February 20, 2008
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A problem person. A person who thinks they are unique, different and therefor more special that everyone else. Derived from too many parents telling their kids they are "special," like a "snowflake." Typically used by used by those in the customer service or retail industry to refer to bad customers.
That lady was a special snowflake, in a blizzard of other special snowflakes; shes unique, just like everyone else.
by smilekittten August 15, 2008
Often found on popular internet forums as an option to a poll, the "Snowflake" option refers to individuals whose answers, experiences, and opinions are as unique as a snowflake, and therefore cannot be categorized into one of the regular poll options.

Can also appear as just "snowflake."

Have you ever stolen from the grocery store?

a. Yes
b. No
c. I'm a Special Snowflake
by MrsZP2B April 06, 2009
Someone who believes they deserve the stars because they like something no one else likes, or does something no one else does. There is no know cure for SSS (Special Snowflake Syndrome), so the rest of the world must deal with these sort of people until they realize they aren't better than anyone else, and they don't need an award or a cookie for their interests. Not to be confused with a hipster.
A special snowflake: "I liked My Chemical Romance before Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge! Love me."
by Ellegirl12083 July 26, 2011
Special Snowflake Syndrome (also known as Speshul Snowflake) is a psychological phenomen of Generation Y, where the people suffering from it seem to live under the illusion that they are special for doing things that are stereotypically considered "lame" or childish, like drinking through a funny-straw or building forts. More often than not they are in High School (though it's not uncommon to find them on college campuses also) and are recognized by the way that they condemn their peers for drinking and partying and whoring around, whereas they're preserving their childhood innocence and being original by watching cartoons and still cutting the crust off their sandwiches. They are also known as the First Form of Hipster.
While all my other classmates are out getting shitfaced at parties and sleeping around, I built a fort out of pillows and blankets in my bedroom and had a Lion King Marathon (because Lion King is like, awesome) while eating cereal. I am such a special snowflake.
by haveagoodone July 08, 2013
A product created specifically for a customer or client who cannot or will not conform their requirements or needs to the general specifications of the product's capabilities causing said vendor to customize uniqueness to an established product thereby creating more work, time, energy, and effort to be expended on the vendor's employees' part; often for features that will not be utilized or have only minimal benefit to the requester.
Widget-Makers, Inc. would like the product to come in a cornflower blue icon. So we'll have to develop the whole thing again. So this version will be, yet again, another Special Snowflake.
by Bazooka-Joe March 23, 2011

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