A stupid whore who thinks she is hott shit but in reality resembles a t-rex or raptor or dinosauric looking creature.

Might be good at giving head because her looks are getting her no where.

Has no friends becuase everyone knows she is a slut.

She thinks she owns everyone and everything but all she really has is herpes.
Guy 1: "damn how could you hit that last night? shes the ugliest creature i;ve ever seen!!! what would you even call that?"

Guy 2: "Shes called a cuntasaurus.....shes fugly but shes an expert at puffing the pen1s."

Guy 1: "cant....llook...any more..... ew!"
by babygirl10500009 May 25, 2011
Top Definition
A female girlfriend who's constant nagging is unbearable.
I can't stand Sheila, shes a cuntasaurus
by Jay B. July 10, 2003
A person who is full of menace, growling, snarling, foaming at the mouth, bearing its huge jagged fangs that will rip the heads and limbs from anyone or anything that gets too close.
by commandobarbie August 12, 2003
1. A vagina that is loose 2. A variation of a promiscuous woman who's vagina may intimidate you 3. A womans vagina, that you fear will eat you 4. A woman carrying a std or sti (Sexually Transmitted Disease/Infection)
1. Hey tony look at that girl, Cuntasaurus
2. I was fooling around with sarah and man I swear Cuntasaurus
by steady chris January 01, 2009
A woman behaving in a cunt-like manner that has a giant jagged stick up her ass; thus, the stick amplifies her "cunty" behavior due to the soreness it causes (i.e. cunty-sore-ass)

Surprisingly these particular cunts are not as rare as you may think and there is a strong correlation with the amount of typical cunts in one's town, city, community etc.
"WTF that same bitch from yesterday purposely didn't move and proceeded to block the doorway so I couldn't get on the train" "Damn Joe looks like that cuntasaurus struck again!"
by boredinbos2012 May 22, 2012
a very large/angry vagina

john - "i banged the sheela on the weekend man"
barry - "true"
john - "yeah she had definate cuntasaurus, and i thought they were extinct"
by ronasaurus April 21, 2008
A New Jersey band who throws together last minute songs about stupid shit.
"Wow, dude, did you see Cuntasaurus last night?"
"Yeah man, they sucked."
"I know, right?"
by Billy Cuntrag August 25, 2006
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