cunt-uh-soore ; n. a cunt like creature varying in size from rather large to fairly small, stands on two legs, may appear to be a female human at first glance, but in it's natural enviroment, usually parties, it can be easily categorized
"Dayum did you see that huge cuntasaur at the party last night?"
"yea man, that cuntasuar broke a chair on the porch, what a beast she was"
by Dust-rag November 04, 2007
Top Definition
someone who is suck a giant cunt, that their douchyness has to be explained in the colassal term of dinosaurs.
Why did he walk in here and be giant cuntasaur?
i dunno cause hes mendi?
by THE B.I.G. T REX February 09, 2010
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