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The non speak, between the words cruel intention of a pissed off girl pretending to be happy.
ex (9:05:20 PM) everyday is the same. this week was hell

Male (9:05:24 PM): im sorry

ex (9:05:31 PM): yea.

ex (9:05:38 PM): well ur happy right. uve been good?

ex (9:06:07 PM): cus if u are then great.

ex(9:06:14 PM): seems lik ur great

male (9:06:36 PM): dont make me feel bad cuz im happy when your not. take that cunt talk elsewhere
by COA91 September 13, 2009
Unnecessary talk or a blabber
Person 1: And then she opened the door and WHAM! And then I ran and so.

Person 2: Hey Chris, cut the cunt talk, would you?
by AlexPanzer August 23, 2005

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