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the grossest thing you could ever find on a vagina. its the solidified discharge forming on the outside of the lips.

causes of the cunt scab could be one or all of the following
- prolonged fucking
- neglecting to bathe the pussy
- frequent daydreaming about david hasselhoff causing you to glaze your seat, not cleaning it up and letting it dry as a hard, white crust, resembling feta cheese

treatment of the cunt scab is easy. simply sit in a warm tub and rip it off quickly - like a bandaid. you don't want it getting caught in the hair.

also, cunt scab can be used as an insult.
man that was a sweet orgy. too bad for tina though... she's gonna have major cunt scabs.

**tina sits down** "ouch!"
craig - "hey tina what's wrong?"
tina - "damn i think my cunt scab just ripped off!!"

teacher: "okay put away your books, time for a pop quiz"
tommy: "fuckin' cunt scab"
by stephen cummings January 19, 2006
dried blood around the lips of a vagina

also the worst word in the english language
Ronnie is a cuntscab for stealing my $20

Kelly had cuntscabs after that rough night in the sack
by Jonas March 28, 2004
a wound on the vaginal area of a woman that has been injured and has formed a scab. this often occures after overuse of the vagina, from either excessive masturbation or by prostitution.
i was going to fuck sally but i spread her legs and she had a nasty cuntscab. I turned her over and did her a donkey punch instead.
by Doc joseph May 31, 2005
pretty much the worst thing you can call someone. Usually said to dirty hoes with mad STD's and therefore literally, a cunt scab.
She sucks dick for crack, eww what a cuntscab.
by Magz, whatt November 11, 2005
A mean thing to say to someone that i getting on your nerves. Possibly the most disgusting word in the english language.
Disser :Your such a cunt scab.
by James TH April 02, 2007
a derrogatory term, like calling some a bitch...
Instead of sayin..

Fuck you bitch!


Fuck you cuntscab!
by SoFaded September 01, 2006
the aftereffects of a woman having extremely, terrifyingly rough sex with many male counterparts
The doctor diagnosed it as being a cuntscab and then proceeded to ask her if it had been worth it.
by moodyrudy April 09, 2003
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