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The proper term for the sexual act commonly known as the "69", combining cunnilingus (licking vagina) with fellatio (sucking penis)....together they create the magical cunnilatio.
Those two motherfuckers are about to cunnilatio the shit out of each other.
by MagicMatt August 03, 2012
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The process of sucking a clitoris so hard that it resembles a penis afterward.
Jacques Asse performed cunnilatio on his wife.
by Jacques Asse February 03, 2009
The pinnacle of sexual pleasure, achieved by a hermaphrodite giving themself oral sex. It is said to be toturous to try to last more than 30 seconds without ejaculating in your own mouth while doing this technique.
I was getting really wet the other night, so I gave myself a large dose of cunnilatio. It felt so great!
by aaron benson January 31, 2007

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