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A preteen girls vagina.
Creepy bloke 1: Check that little hotties tight cunnie!!
Creepy bloke 2: Fuck i'd do gaol time for that sexy little thing!!
by zed lepplin March 24, 2008
25 53
cunt, chiefly British usage.
Her cunnie tastes good.
by Hal9000 September 21, 2004
144 20
Her little cunnie was neatly trimmed.
by Big Steve September 04, 2003
127 72
A vagina that consistantly cranks out moisture, odors and chunks. Basically, a vagina.
When she took a shower with her new green-apple glycerine soap, the entire bathroom smelled like green-apple-cunnie.
by unstablegirl October 08, 2003
88 71
A girl that used to be your hunnie but is now a cunt
cya later, you god dam cunnie
by ihatemycunnie November 15, 2010
14 5
cunnie is defined as a cunt. but it is also a way of greeting close friends of whom dont take offense to being called a cunt.
oy cunnie, whats going on?
by stephen Rossouw February 14, 2006
29 58
refers to a little girls cunt.
oh check out that bitchs cunnie over there. those 3rd graders are fucking hot.
by jesus h. November 18, 2003
35 103