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a very dingy women who will ask stupid questions like "why am i so stupid" an "if you fuck me in the ass will i get pregnant"
"dude your girl is such a cumquat"
by half breed July 26, 2005
the female fruit
I stuck my finger in her cumquat and it was nice and juicy
by sj January 12, 2004
any of several trees or shrubs of the genus Fortunella
bearing small orange-colored edible fruits with thick
sweet-flavored skin and sour pulp
A cumquat is a plant that grows in Africa
by Pool Of Corruption November 23, 2004
someone who likes it in, or around their mouth.. basically Derek Dodge... if your anything like him you might be a cumquat.. oh small balls!!
jamie-" Kathleen"
kathleen- "yes jamie?"
jamie- "Did you hook up with that guy derek?!..."
kathleen- "No he was sucha CUMQUAT!"
by jamienicoleorr August 07, 2011
When a guy cums in a girls ear and it takes weeks for her to dig it back out.
"Dude i cumquated this girl last week and she's still digging it out"
by Finkalicious January 11, 2010
The wording used when calling one's pet quat.
<whistle> <whistle> Here boy! C'mon! Cumquat! 'Das it! Cumquat! Who's a goood boy?
by Toopoopouloop August 07, 2009
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