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23 definitions by sj

one who is chronically addicted to drinking wine
I used to be a wino, before joining AA.
by SJ April 25, 2004
A tasty snack of the female flavour
I love chewing on your muff burger
by SJ January 12, 2004
the female fruit
I stuck my finger in her cumquat and it was nice and juicy
by sj January 12, 2004
the first ever chimpanzee to be president of a country.
let's go to the zoo, i hear they're showcasing dubya's relatives.
by sj December 23, 2003
Jolie is the most amazing girl in the world. She is very pretty and knows how to handle tough situations. She is an awesome lover. She is also great with kids and loves everybody. When She likes someone she likes them for awhile and is loyal to him. She loves dancing. She loves animals. She is Amazing
person 1: Is that Jolie
person 2: Yeah thats her
person 1: *boner*
person 2: *another boner*
by Sj April 03, 2013
A younger female sibling, one who annoys you and whose main purpose in life is to cause as much inconvenience to you and all living creatures worldwide.

The term hacoon is generally used as an insult.
Hacoon, get off the paan!

by SJ February 25, 2004
1.A real bitch with a gruby vagina
2.A mole which burries into the sloppy box
1.She was a sloppy box mole.
by sj January 12, 2004