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Main Entry: cum·junc·ti·vi·tis
Pronunciation: 'k&m-"j&ng(k)-ti-"vI-t&s
Function: noun
: inflammation of the eye as a result of recent ejaculation therin either purposefully or by accident by ones partner.
A combination of cum and conjunctivitis ('pink eye')
"Danm, Kurt, why is your left eye so red and why does Al have that smirk on his face?"
"It's an acute case of cumjunctivitis, as Al has lousy aim when he shoots. Don't worry, I nailed him in the nads for it."
by KurtTO May 21, 2004
Crusty eye condition caused by a direct hit of cumshot to the eye. Often experienced while playing Sacremento Skeeball or during a Nantucket Oyster Drop. Also reported from a circle jerk. Symptoms may include blurred vision and a crust covered eye stuck shut upon waking. Usually a temporary condition.
She got cumjunctivitis and couldn't see after my load hit her in the eye during a cum bath.
by Mabeline April 22, 2008
When you are giving someone a blow job, and instead of graciously letting you know theyre about to cum, they shoot it in your eye, making your eye lid sticky, and turning it very red.
wthull dave, you gave me cumjunctivitis!
by KATYLIZ April 09, 2007