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Main Entry: cum·junc·ti·vi·tis
Pronunciation: 'k&m-"j&ng(k)-ti-"vI-t&s
Function: noun
: inflammation of the eye as a result of recent ejaculation therin either purposefully or by accident by ones partner.
A combination of cum and conjunctivitis ('pink eye')
"Danm, Kurt, why is your left eye so red and why does Al have that smirk on his face?"
"It's an acute case of cumjunctivitis, as Al has lousy aim when he shoots. Don't worry, I nailed him in the nads for it."
by KurtTO May 21, 2004
Main Entry: ca·co·pyg·ian
Pronunciation: "ka-kO-'pi-j(E-)&n
Variant(s): or ca·co·py·gous /-'pI-g&s/
Function: adjective
Etymology: Greek kakopygos, from kako- + pygE buttocks
1 : having badly shaped buttocks
2 : an esoteric way of saying Badass
1 : "Danm, I'm such a cacopygian. I need to lay off the chips and get my ass to the gym!"

2 : "Devin thinks he's cacopygous, but I just think he's a wiener with something to prove."
by KurtTO May 23, 2004
Main Entry: pri·et
Pronunciation: prI-et
Function: noun
a concentrated regimen of eating and drinking sparingly, as well as intense exercise, taken upon to reduce one's weight and refine one's physique in preparation for Gay Pride Week.
Brooke: "Have you noticed that all of the gay guys at our gym are less talkative, all of a a sudden?"
Nicole: "It's the begining of June, so they're all on intense priets, as to look their best for Pride at the end of the month."
by KurtTO May 19, 2008
Main Entry: nun·bump
Pronunciation: 'nuhn-buhmp
Function: noun, adjective
Jamaican expletive, akin to bumbaclot, bloodclot, or rassclot, used as either an exclamation or an adjectival intensifier. Derived from the Catholic faith, it suggests the sacrilegious idea of a pregnant nun.
"Nunbump! I missed my train."
"Get your nunbump hands off me!"
by KurtTO June 20, 2008
Main Entry: pride·ar·rhe·a
Pronunciation: prId-a-'rE-a
Function: noun
Abnormally frequent intestinal evacuations with more or less fluid stools due to a temporary diet of limited and/or poor quality food, excessive alcohol and/or drug intake, and little sleep, brought about by excessive Gay Pride Week celebration.
Bruce's week-long, sleepless binge of tequilla shooters, ecstasy, and a variety of street meats gave him some major pridearrhea on Monday morning.
by KurtTO June 19, 2008
Main Entry: nin·ja·dust
Pronunciation: 'nihn-jah-duhst
Function: verb, noun
The act of stealthly and unceremoniously leaving before expected, without other parties realizing until one has already departed. The noun form is the metaphorical remnants of such an action. Derrived from the means of escape of a ninja.
Kyle: "Hey, where did that girl just go? I've been buying her drinks all night."
Colin: "Dude, you just got ninja dusted."
"Kurt always ninja dusts at clubs when he picks up"
"What's that smoke? I think it's JP's ninja dust."
by KurtTO October 04, 2008

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