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Man jacks off and cums on a piece of sandwich wrap or paper, puts it in the freezer for several hours, then takes it out and sucks on it or has his girlfriend/boyfriend/wife suck on it.
I made a cum cicle last night and Grace sucked it until there was none left. That woman loves cum.
by BigdickRick June 26, 2007
The act of when a hot women gives you the best blowjob ever and you cum in her mouth and she slobbers it all over your cock
That hot cute bitch gave me such a good fucking blowjob i cummed in her mouth and she finished it off with a cumcicle
by cucamonga22 December 14, 2005
a delicious frozen treat made out of a mans ejaculatory fluid
i just ate a nice salty cumcicle
by psychopants December 01, 2010
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